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The FitBiz CPA is here to address your financial planning points to create the lifestyle that you have always wanted. Its part of Investor’s promise to work out a realistic plan for your business. At The FitBiz CPA we don’t just crunch your numbers, instead we provide you with a wholistic approach.

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From the days of helping my parents with their family business to starting my own business, I have always had a passion for helping others. My vision for The FitBiz CPA was to create reasonably affordable financial services for Fitness Entrepreneurs

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Understand the massive investment of money, energy and time put into your business. You’re highly motivated, and so are your members.

Industries that We facilitate

Real Estate

You’re not content to stay small. You want to grow.

Technology Firms & Startups

You’re not content to stay small. You want to grow.

Multi-Family Unit Advisors

Big opportunities are before you: are you making the most of them?

Commercial Real Estate Advisors

Commercial property advisors that grow at the same pace as their clients.

Real Estate Advisors

You know how to operate, you see the big picture and now you’re ready for your next location.

Studio Owners

Ecoforestry is a creative skill and a joy beyond anything found within conventional forestry.


Customer Review is Very Important

James M. Roache

Senior Advisor, Olympus Realty Group


“The FitBiz team are great to work with. I highly recommend using them for your business and personal needs. No games or delays, and what else could you ask for? Thanks for everything!!”

Brandon Wood

Owner at Equitable Realty Investors


Asad knows 1031 exchanges and cost segregation studies from all angles. He responds to all of my emails in a prompt manner and also to customers who I have referred over to him. I will continue to use him and not only refer him to my clients but to anybody looking for advice. His team is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and honest but at the same time they help you understand what you are signing. This should be your office for all accounting, consulting and tax needs.

Drew Murray

Owner at Alternative Investments Realty Group


“I have worked with Asad and his team for about a year on multiple businesses including personal tax services. Being able to get financial and tax advice under one roof is invaluable. They give great business advice and customer service every time I call. They always have my best interests in mind and cannot be discounted when making big investment decisions. Thank you for all of your help!”

Marcie Johnson

President of IMPOWER Realty Group


“Asad and his team are very knowledgeable and extremely professional in everything they do. If you are looking for somebody who knows Real Estate Law and Tax Law, you can look no further. My first experience was in the fall of 2021, I had worked with four different firms and all of them were like the first one. Asad and his team are rockstars and I would recommend him in a heartbeat”

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